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    Cool Dailymotion Highlights:Highlights 19th Match, Group F: West Indies v India May 9,2010

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    Watch cricket highlights: West Indies vs India – from the Super 8s of the 2010 T20 World Cup played on May 9.

    Scoreline: WI 169/6 Chris Gayle 98 (66) | Harbhajan 4-16-0, Pathan 4-28-0, Nehra 4-35-3
    India 155/9 Raina 32 (25), Dhoni 29 (18) | Taylor 4-24-1, Sammy 3-16-1

    The best part about the Gayle knock was the way he seemed to predict the bowlers’ next moves, and sat there waiting for it. The good batsmen often do this, but what makes it special in today’s context was that India barring a couple of overs actually bowled quite well given their arsenal.

    For India, not too much different from the last game. No more kamikaze-missions, but not good enough nevertheless. While it’s meaningless to say that one who performs well on a bouncy pitch is a good batsman (because some who do well on them are poor on the spinner-friendly tracks that the others dominate), it’s important to be selective while claiming so and so to be the next big thing.

    One of Dhoni’s biggest strengths as captain has been his ability to ascertain who is good for what. Which is why the continued persistence with Jadeja remains baffling. In spin-friendly conditions, he’s a good curtailing bowler, but to pick him ahead of Chawla or Umesh Yadav (the only current Indian bowler (who’s appeared on television) capable of hitting the 140s) makes no sense. You could hear Dhoni over the stump mike telling Jadeja that the field etc was his choice – not sure if, 2nd world cup running, big games are the time to build the confidence of a player unsuited to the conditions. It’s almost not even Jadeja’s fault anymore if he doesn’t perform. Anyway, looks like the confidence-building mindset changed midway through the game when Harbhajan came out ahead of Jadeja.

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