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    Default Dhananand to die in Chandragupta!

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    Dhananand's death nears in Imagine TV's Chandragupta Maurya...

    It's definitely a bad news for all Dhananand (Sooraj Thapar) as soon the character is going to end in Imagine TV's Chandragupta Morya. Yes, you have heard it right; the evil personality from Chandragupta's (Ashish Sharma) life will soon take an end.

    A source reveals, "Soon after conquering few small battles Chandragupta will take learn that he can get over any kingdom now therefore he will first target Dhananand's kingdom. First battle between Dhananand and Chandragupta will take place where Chandragupta will be defeated badly and only then he will realize that it's not so easy to conquer Dhananand's kingdom, Chandragupta's few savior would too die in this battle."

    "Later on, with full preparations and planning Chandragupta would attack Dhananand's kingdom and there Dhananand would breathe his last. With this character of Sooraj Thapar would end too."

    There is quit sometime for this development but we cannot change the history.

    We contacted Sooraj Thapar and he says, "I really don't know about this after all its history and my character has to end one day."

    With this its end for Thir Kit Dha…



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