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    Default Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (2010)

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    Clutch Powers is Lego City's best explorer. His latest mission is to capture a criminal mastermind who is also a wizard. Teaming up with other Lego characters such as Brick, a weapons expert, Peg, a smart botanist and Bernie, Lego's best engineer, they travel into space and into medieval times to stop the wizard and his comical sidekicks, Skully & Bones, two skeleton warriors. It is better than it sounds. Humorous and lots of fun, this was a lot better than expected, with some standout scenes and interesting characters, this Lego homage to explorer films is a lot of fun for kids and adults.
    AVI Information
    Filename: Lego.The.Adventures.of.Clutch.Powers.2010.DVDRip XviD-ReVoTT.avi
    Filesize: 736610304 Bytes (702.49 MB)
    Streams (i.e. Video, Audio): 2
    Video Stream
    Compression: xvid - XVID MPEG-4
    Avg. Bitrate: 1074.18 kbit/s
    Resolution: 608x336
    Color Depth: 12 bits
    Running Time: 4897.89 s (1h 21m 37s)
    Framerate: 23.9760 fps
    Microseconds Per Frame: 41708 ms
    Frames: 117432
    Keyframes: 1683 (Every 69)
    Audio Stream
    Wave Type: 85 - MPEG Layer 3
    Avg. Bitrate: 116.25 kbit/s
    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
    Bit Depth: 0 Bits
    Channels: 2
    Audio Delay: 0.00 s

    Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (2010)



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