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    Old Woodworking Books
    English | 27 eBooks | PDF | 363.80 MB

    Applied science for Wood-workers - William h. Doodley
    Beginning Woodwork at Home and in School - Clinton Sheldon Van Deusen
    Bench Work in Wood - W. F. M. Goss
    Bench Work in Wood - W. F. M. Goss - Optimized
    Elementary Woodworking - Edwin W. Foster
    Elementary Woodwork - Manual Training Classes - Frank Henry Selden
    Elements of Construction - Charles A. King
    Elements of Woodwork - Charles A. King
    Exercises in Wood-Working - Ivin Sickels
    First Lessons in Wood-Working - Aòfred G. Compton
    Handwork in Wood - William Noyes
    High School Manual Training Course in Woodwork - Samuel F. Ritchey
    Learn by Doing - Joseph Henry Judd
    Manual Training - Elementary Woodwork - George B. Kilbon
    Shop Work - Joinery-Cabinet Making-Carpentry - Herman F. Rusch
    A Short Course in Woodworking - Charles G. Wheeler
    The teacher's hand-book of slöjd - Otto Salomon
    Tool Processes in Woodworking - A. P. Laughlin
    Training in Wood-Work - James M. Tate
    Woodwork Course for Boys - William Nelson
    Woodwork for beginners - Ira Samuel Griffith
    Woodworks for Schools on Scientific Lines - James Thomas Baily
    Woodwork for Secondary Schools - Ira Samuel Griffith
    Woodwork in the Common School - Frederic A. Hinckley
    Wood-Working for Amateur Craftsmen - Ira Samuel Griffith
    Wood-Working Tools; How to use them - George Leonard Chaney
    Woodwork Joints - William Fairham




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