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    SYSINTERNALS Video Library



    English | 720x544 | XviD | 29.97fps 1852kbps | AC3 192kbps | 4.1GB

    The Sysinternals Video Library (published by David Solomon Expert Seminars) is set of six DVDs that cover essential Windows troubleshooting topics (note: these are DVD videos - they can be played on any DVD player; to play them on XP, you must have additional DVD playback software installed).

    Each video is personally presented by Mark Russinovich (Technical Fellow at Microsoft) and David Solomon (noted Windows internals expert and trainer), authors of the official Microsoft Press book on the Windows operating system, Windows Internals. They are known from past Microsoft conferences to be especially informative and entertaining when presenting together. One customer wrote after viewing the set:

    The DVDs are high quality clear video and audio. Each video is presented by both Mark Russinovich and David Solomon sitting side by side each with a laptop in front of them. The audio is in stereo with one of them on the left speaker and the other on the right (a nice touch). The videos are very hands on with David and Mark using VMWare to demonstrate each of the tools and problems. The presenters do a great job at zooming into the video at the appropriate moments so that you can see the commands being typed, or the output of a command.

    The entire Tour of the Sysinternals Tools video as well as samples of the other titles are available for free download. For more information on each title, or to view or download a sample, click on the links below or scroll down.

    Tour of the Sysinternals Tools
    1. Introduction & Licensing
    2. Process & Thread Tools
    3. System Information Tools
    4. File & Disk Tools
    5. Registry Tools
    6. Security Tools
    7. Networking Tools
    8. Blue Screen Screen Saver

    Troubleshooting with Process Explorer
    1. Process & Thread Basics
    2. Process Explorer Basics
    3. Advanced Process Properties
    4. Accounting for CPU Usage
    5. Multi-Component Processes
    6. Hung Processes
    7. Open Files & Handles
    8. DLL View
    9. Identifying Malicious Processes
    10. System Information & Control
    11. Personalize Process Explorer

    Troubleshooting with Filemon and Regmon
    1. Introduction
    2. Using Filemon
    3. Filemon Case Studies
    4. Using Regmon
    5. Regmon Case Studies
    6. Using Filemon and Regmon Together
    7. Starting Filemon/Regmon Before Logon

    Troubleshooting Memory Problems
    1. Overview of Memory Management
    2. Process Memory Usage
    3. Paging Lists
    4. Paging Files
    5. Memory Leaks

    Windows Crash Dump & Hang Analysis
    1. Introduction
    2. Crash Dump Types & Mechanisms
    3. Analysis Basics
    4. Analyzing A Simple Crash
    5. Un-Analyzable Crashes
    6. Manual Analysis
    7. Fun With Blue Screens

    Troubleshooting Boot & Startup Problems
    1. Introduction
    2. The Boot Process
    3. The Recovery Console
    4. Last Known Good
    5. Safe Mode
    6. System Restore
    7. MBR/Boot Sector Corruption
    8. Boot.ini Corruption
    9. Registry Corruption
    10. System File Corruption
    11. Crashes or Hangs
    12. Problems During Logon

    More info:
    David Solomon Expert Seminars







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