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    Default Starcraft II Limited Edition Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

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    Starcraft II Limited Edition Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

    ESSENTIAL MULITPLAYER strategies expose the best ways to tackle each map and every situation, team game tactics, build orders, race vs. race strengths and weakness, and much more.

    ADVANCED PROTIPS, tricks, tactics, and secrets supplied by professional Starcraft® players from around the globe.

    A MASSIVE 160-PAGE CAMPAIGN WALKTHOUGH offers comprehensive instruction for each mission, key battles, as well as the Bonus Objectives with in-depth guidance.


    Hi-res ANNOTATED MAPS for the epic Terran Campaign and® multiplayer.

    This MONUMENTAL 432-PAGE TOME delivers unprecedented strategy for both beginners and advanced players.

    BATTLENET A complete guide to® offers instruction to get started, and take advantage of the advanced features of this amazing community center.

    Platform: PC and MAC

    Genre: Role-Playing Game



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