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    Arrow How to Solve Every Sudoku Puzzle - Volumes 1 and 2

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    As you probably know already, Sudoku is the latest rage that has taken the world of games by storm. Thousands of people the world over, chance upon Sudoku every day. And realize that they've discovered an enjoyable life-long hobby.

    To loosen up at the beginning/ end of a hard day's work ... or as a perfect escape when stress overwhelms one.

    But because Sudoku is a rather new phenomenon, most people have a really hard time learning to solve these tricky puzzles.

    Now, some sites DO provide you with tips and formulas for solving Sudoku ... but these are usually very complicated, and most of them are NOT all encompassing, ... that is to say, there are some Sudoku problems they just can't tackle.

    I am going to teach you how to solve EVERY possible Sudoku puzzle ... even the most difficult one, by whatever name they may call it, Hard, Fiendish or Evil, with an exceedingly simple formula you can learn quickly and easily. Thru my newsletter. And if you want to learn quickly and in one place, thru my eBook.

    ALL of your Sudoku questions will be answered in the process... how do I know? Before I wrote this newsletter (and the eBook "How to Solve Every Sudoku Puzzle"), I commissioned a survey of 425 Sudoku enthusiasts, perhaps the largest ever Survey conducted on Sudoku. (I couldn't find any such Survey in all my search of the Net.)

    So I'm sure that I'll be covering all the concerns that are most important to You:

    1. How to learn to solve Sudoku easily?

    2. What is the best method to solve Sudoku?

    3. Which is the best cell to 'start'?

    4. What to do when I am 'stuck'?

    5. How to improve the speed of solving?

    6. What are the different levels of complexity?

    7. How to 'learn' to deal with Sudoku puzzles?

    8. How to 'solve' Sudoku puzzles?

    9. How to know whether you have got the correct solution?(Of course, without the help of any software!)

    10.Is there a 'formula' to solve Sudokus?

    11.Is 'guessing' needed?

    12.If yes, what is the best way to guess?

    13.Is there any 'logic' in solving?

    14.s there a 'secret' way to solve?

    15.What are the 'tips' leading to a solution?
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    Thanks for posting

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    holyyyyy!!!!! lol i know how do it..without any book lol...
    sorry dude .... Hash



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