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    Default Semiconductor Physics and Devices - Basic Principles [International 3rd Edition] by Donald A. Neamen

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    Semiconductor Physics and Devices - Basic Principles [International 3rd Edition] by Donald A. Neamen
    English | ISBN 13: 9780072321074 | PDF | 244.39 MB

    Neamen's Semiconductor Physics and Devices, Third Edition. deals with the electrical properties and characteristics of semiconductor materials and devices. The goal of this book is to bring together quantum mechanics, the quantum theory of solids, semiconductor material physics, and semiconductor device physics in a clear and understandable way.

    Prologue Semiconductor and the Integrated Circuit
    1 The Crystal Structure of Solids
    2 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
    3 Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Solids
    4 The Semiconductor in Equilibrium
    5 Carrier Transport Phenomena
    6 Nonequilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors
    7 The pn Junction
    8 The pn Junction Diode
    9 Metal-Semiconductor and Semiconductor Heterojunctions
    10 The Bipolar Transistor
    11 Fundamentals of the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
    12 Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor: Additional Concepts
    13 The Junction Field-Effect Transistor
    14 Optical Devices
    15 Semiconductor Power Devices
    Appendix A Selected List of Symbols
    Appendix B System of Units, Conversion Factors, and General Constants
    Appendix C The Periodic Table
    Appendix D The Error Function
    Appendix E “Derivation” of Schrodinger’s Wave Equation
    Appendix F Unit of Energy- The Electron-Volt
    Appendix G Answers to Selected Problems




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