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    Dr. Robin Cook (born May 4, 1940 in New York City, New York) is an American doctor / novelist who writes about medicine and topics affecting public health.

    He is best known for being the author who combined medical writing with the thriller genre of writing. Several of his books have been bestsellers on the "New York Times" Bestseller List. Several of his books have also been featured in Reader's Digest.

    1) Acceptable Risk is the 1995 novel by Robin Cook.This book is about a Science Researcher who comes in contact with a miracle breakthrough drug while investigating the death of several witches many years before. Are the side affects worth the benefits? What if the side affect was something different than ever seen before?

    2) Blindsight introduces New York City pathologist Laurie Montgomery as being new to the medical examiners office. She uncovers a series of drug overdoses and gangland-style murders with a grisly twist.

    3) Chromosome 6 deals with some illegal abnormal experiments of a biotech firm "GenSys" in Cogo, Equatorial Guinea. In the jungles of equatorial Africa, a biotechnology giant has taken transplant surgery and animal research to a new level. Where one mistake could bridge the evolutionary gap between man and ape--and forever change the genetic map of our existence.Dr. Kevin Marshall worries that he has traded his ethics for a gleaming futuristic lab. Meanwhile, stateside, Dr. Jack Stapleton, a forensic pathologist, is deeply troubled by an unidentified body that is missing various parts. Jack and his colleague, Laurie, identify the corpse as that of a Mafia kingpin, and their investigation leads them to Africa. The Truth finders almost had to give their lives in order to know and escape from there.

    4) Brain describes how a future generation of computers will work hard-wired to human brains.The story starts with a girl Kathereine collins going to a provate clinic named GYN where she is undergoing treatment for some Gynac ailments. Simultaneously she has started having Seizures where in she smells a repulsive and oddly familiar smell and then looses conciousness.She wants to withdraw her records from this clinic and move onto her hometown to her family doctor. while on her way back she faints at the elevators.the next scene shows her parents visiting her apartment and the cops searching the rooom as she has been missing since some days now. The story revolves around the protagonist Dr.Martin Philips from now on,who is a doctor in neurophysiology at the NYC medical center. Dr.Martin Philips,a 41 year old is involoved in creating a self-diagonstic x-ray machine, along with Michael, who is a researcher at MIT and also head of the department of artificial intelligence.His girlfriend and co-Doctor Dr.Denise sanger(28 years old) is also involved in the same hospital.

    5) Coma is Robin Cook's first published novel written in 1977. The book was a New York Times best seller and was also voted as the number one thriller of the year by the New York Times.It was made into a highly successful film Coma by Michael Crichton in 1978.

    6) Contagion:After he loses first his midwestern ophthalmology practice to a for-profit medical giant and then his family to a commuter airline tragedy, Dr. Jack Stapleton's life is transformed to ashes. Feeling less the golden boy than a jaded cynic, Stapleton retrains in forensic pathology and relocates to find an uneasy niche for himself in a city that suits his changed perspective: the cold, indifferent, concrete maze of New York.Stapleton thinks he is past pain and past caring, but as a series of virulent and extremely lethal illnesses - capped by a particularly deadly outbreak of a rare strain of influenza strikes the young, the old, and the innocent, his suspicions are aroused. When the apparent epicenters of these outbreaks are revealed to be hospitals and clinics controlled by the same for-profit giant that cannibalized his old ophthalmology practice, Stapleton fears he has stumbled upon a diabolic conspiracy of catastrophic proportions.Getting at the truth leads to Stapleton's unlikely pairing - both professionally and personally - with Terese Hagen, an art director at a hot Madison Avenue advertising firm. Together they discover that the real explanation behind the killer contagion is even more Machiavellian than could be imagined.

    7) Fatal Cure tells the story of two young doctors, with their 9-year-old daughter who suffers from a chronic disease, cystic fibrosis, who are lured to a small town in Vermont to start a career. David gets a job as an internist with the local HMO, while Angela gets an offer from the local hospital as a pathologist. The story takes aim at managed care and health maintenance organizations.David and Angela quickly find out that their idyllic town harbors dark secrets. Patients at the local hospital keep dying prematurely. The hospital grounds are terrorized by a rapist, and the young family is shocked to find a dead body in their basement. Angela is faced with sexual harassment and David soon experiences the wrath of the HMO administrators for spending too much time with his patients and ordering too many tests and hospital stays.David and Angela end up not just getting fired from their jobs -and deeply in debt, but their lives are threatened as well. The novel ends with a denouement somewhat similar to "Silence of the Lambs.

    8) Godplayer was first released in 1983 in the UK and USA. It has 285 pages.

    9) Harmful Intent takes on a different type of medical-related target: ambulance-chasing lawyers. Cook asks the reader to imagine how well malpractice attorneys could do if they hired someone to sabotage a doctor's work and create a situation that is virtually unexplainable except by the doctor's negligence. In effect, the lawyers create a demand for their services by providing a supply of victims. This scenario is arguably the most farfetched of all Cook's schemes, and yet -- given the numbers of lawyers charged with unethical practices -- is not implausible in the realm of fiction.

    10) Invasion envisions a strange contact with extraterrestrial aliens. A spaceship arrives on Earth, in the form of a tiny black disk. It then sends a signal, inviting thousands more disks to come. Those who handle the disks receive a sting, soon followed by flu-like symptoms and ending in what could be called "zombie assimilation" into an alien collective consciousness and begin to prepare everything for the real aliens' arrival. Ultimately a mismatched group gathers to combat this invasion including the fiance of the main infected person Beau. They discover that this has been planned for a very long time as the rocks just activate the virus which is in fact in our DNA. After working by themselves for a while and two of the group being killed they hook up with Doctor Harlan McCay who has a Biological Warfare Reasearch Lab at his disposal. He explains that he has a degree in immunology but had a private practice in a nearby town. When the invasion started he headed to the lab which is left over from the Cold War but is still stocked and was at least somewhat staffed (the staff apparently left when they got infected) and although it was a secret the local Native Americans knew about it and had at some point in time informed him of it. The lab had everything they needed to work on a cure for the virus. They find that infecting themselves with another virus will cause the virus to expose itself and oxygen will destroy it (it came here 3 billion years ago when there was little to no oxygen so it's vulnerable to it in a virion state) and after testing this with infected mice (it cures all but the one infected the longest who dies: apparently if its in your system too long the cure kills you) they take a cold virus that has never been encountered before (it was artificially engineered) as it is mild enough to not kill the person infected but will do the job. Also as it is artificially created no one will have encountered it so they will have no immunity to it and everyone will be infected. They then storm the mansion where a machine is being built to bring the aliens to Earth from other planets this virus has taken over. The group smashes the machine with a car and it is destroyed. Beau is too far gone to be cured and tells them to run. He dies and the mansion is destroyed but they are able to spread the cure and the invasion is ended.

    11) Mindbend: Arolen is a giant pharma company, expanding at rapid pace and bringing more and more doctors into its clutches. Once doctors go on CME onboard a cruise organised by Arolen, they come back totally changed, in personality and opinions. Strangely many of them opt for job in Julian Clinic, even at the cost of leaving their lucrative private practices. Incidentally number of therapeutic abortions at the Julian Clinic are also rising. Hero of the novel, Dr Adam Schoneberg, has to leave his medical education midway for want of money as his wife becomes pregnant and later on trapped in the clutches of unethical medical practice. Adam finally succeeds in unravelling the mystery behind Arolem pharmaceuticals, Julian Clinic, CME on cruise, Arolen's research lab at Puerto Rico and rapid and unexplained surge in sells of Arolen drugs.

    12) Shock is a novel written in 2001. Its woven around a fertility clinic that uses unethical means to get rich. It is about two friends Deborah Cochrane and Joanna Meissner, both of whom are shown equally as protagonists. Joanna dumps her boyfriend Carlton Williams and finds herself in need of money to complete her studies. Her friend Deborah shows her a newspaper article about Wingate Clinic that is offering $45,000 for people willing to donate their eggs for infertile patients. The two friends decide to take the offer and donate the eggs. Everything goes on peacefully till they complete their doctorate studies and come back to USA. Here their curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to find out what happened to their eggs. With the Wingate Clinic maintaining a strict silence about their working, the two of them decide to use some unfair means to get this information.

    13) Terminal: The novel centers around the investigation of a medical student named Sean into a mysterious cancer called medulloblastoma and the secret behind the hundred percent remission treatment offered by a medical institute called Forbes Cancer Centre. In his investigation, Sean learns that the institute is responsible for the creation of the cancer. The secret behind their offering of 100% remission of the disease is that the creators had also invented an antibody to the disease. The institute procured Social Security numbers and other identifying details of wealthy people and their dependents, and as opportunities arose from those people undergoing surgeries or being on IV therapy, they were infected with the transformed SLE virus. Because the virus was encephalotropic, it manifested with early neural symptoms in the infected patients, in the form of seizures and convulsions. The infected people, once they were completely cured of the disease, were usually willing to donate large sums to the Forbes. This book heavily deals with the controversial issues of the time.

    14) Toxin:Dr. Kim Reggis, one of the country's top cardiac surgeons finds himself ill equipped to deal with a medical disaster involving his own daughter, Becky. Recently divorced, he takes his daughter out for a fast food meal, and Becky becomes ill with E. Coli . Soon after, Becky dies after Kim finds out that the specific strain was E. Coli 0157:H7. Half crazed by his daughter's death, Kim tried to find out how and why his daughter got sick. Eventually he finds out, but it costs many peoples lives.

    15) Vital Signs is about a successful epidemiologist and married woman Marissa Blumenthal. When she discovers that she cannot conceive, her obsession with getting pregnant leads her to investigate the baby-making business.

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