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    Default No More Regrets!: 30 Ways to Greater Happiness and Meaning in Your Life

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    No More Regrets!: 30 Ways to Greater Happiness and Meaning in Your Life

    168 pages | B-rrett-Koehler Publishers (January 10, 2011) | English | ISBN-10: 1605098868 | PDF
    We all have regrets in life, but none of us want to have more of them. While the sources of our individual regrets are unique to each of us, Marc Muchnick has discovered that there are some common themes: we get stuck in ruts and lose perspective, hanging on to bad jobs, bad relationships, and bad habits; we fail to appreciate how little time we have on this Earth and take people and things for granted; we live without authenticity, sticking to the status quo and losing sight of our dreams; we stop evolving, becoming trapped in our fear of failure and rejection: and we become overly self-absorbed and judgmental, growing insensitive to others. Each of the “30 Ways” falls into one of five overarching strategies for avoiding these sources of regrets:

    (1) Gain a Fresh Perspective
    (2) Cherish Each Day
    (3) Follow your Heart
    (4) Stretch Yourself
    (5) Be the Force of Goodness.

    The book is written in a "pick-your-style" format—you can dip in at any point and find something of value. You can try to implement a way a day, or work on one way for a week. Just one or two new insights from the 30 ways presented in the book can be the key to having greater happiness and meaning in your life, career, and relationships.
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