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    Lightbulb Nora Roberts - Circle Trilogy 02 - Dance Of The Gods

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    From Publishers Weekly
    Starred Review. Roberts's Circle Trilogy continues with this second installment (following Morrigan's Cross), in which the

    circle of six prepare for their battle against the powerful vampire Lilith and her undead army. The six members, culled by

    the goddess Morrigan from the past and the present, include the wizard Hoyt and his vampire brother Cian, the witch Glenna,

    ancient Geallian princess Moira and her shape-shifting cousin Larkin, and demon hunter Blair. Preparing for the showdown in

    modern-day Ireland, the group split their time among training, defending against Lilith's agents, bickering fitfully among

    themselves and, for some, doing their best to ignore mounting sexual tension. The relationship between the bigheaded,

    anachronistic Larkin and the hot-tempered, thoroughly modern lone-wolf Blair gives the proceedings a satisfying emotional

    core, especially rewarding when their anger turns�finally�to lust. Fulfilling their destiny, the six warriors enter the stone

    circle to travel backward in time to Geall for the fateful battle with Lilith. Roberts's latest is a testament to her skill

    and range, as this richly detailed fantasy�only her second attempt at the genre�hums with wit, humor and sizzling romance.

    Paranormal fans are assured a good time, as is anyone who enjoys captivating fiction. (Oct.)
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    From Booklist
    Another enticing paranormal trilogy from the ever-versatile, prolific, and much-loved queen of romance. Irish sorcerer Hoyt

    Mac Cionaoith tried but failed to destroy Demon Queen Lilith after she ruthlessly turned his twin brother, Cian, into a

    vampire. Lilith gradually recovered and immediately set about amassing an army of vampires with the intention of destroying

    all humans so that she could rule the world. The goddess Morrigan chooses Hoyt and five others to stop Lilith, sending Hoyt

    1,000 years into the future. In twenty-first-century New York, he starts to build his team, enlisting Glenna Ward; his

    brother, Cian; and Cian's employee, King. Traveling back to Ireland, the three pick up new recruits Moira and her cousin

    Larkin, both of whom have traveled through space and time from the Kingdom of Geall. Demon-hunter Blair Murphy is the last to

    sign on to the circle of six. Now a sorcerer, a witch, a warrior, a scholar, a shape-shifter, and a lost soul must find some

    way of working together as a team if they are to have any hope of stopping darkness from overcoming all that is good and

    light in the world. Best-seller Roberts' Celtic-flavored Circle trilogy features superbly crafted characters, three

    passionate romances, and a bewitching blend of magic and myth. John Charles






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