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    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom - $3000 Streetbike Surgery
    Building The Ultimate Mid-Sized Adventure-Tourer
    By Mitch Friedman
    Photography by Mitch Friedman

    "I bought my "Wee-Strom" with the intention of doing some serious long-distance riding and fire road scrambling. It's a great

    little bike, with the SV650's legendary V-twin engine, ample ground clearance and a modest price tag--which left a little

    cash to refine it a bit. With Iron Butt aspirations swirling in my mind, I knew I'd need to do some upgrades.

    For the off-roading I was bound to encounter on the state-wide California Parks Adventure, I thought it wise to protect the

    bike's vitals. The vulnerability of the V-Strom's protruding oil filter worried me, so I consulted the adventure-touring

    professionals at SW-Motech and opted for one of their robust skid plates ($209.99). While I had their catalog open, I sprang

    for a radiator guard ($99.99) and case guards ($159.99) to bullet-proof the bottom end. All the armor bolted up neatly, and

    looks solid enough to defend against any on- or off-road mishaps.

    When I signed up for the Three Flags Classic (a 36-hour dash from Mexico to Canada), I realized I was going to need to tote

    more than just the clothes on my back. That's when I started looking into luggage. I picked the Givi Monokey cases due to

    their simplicity, style and volume. The top case ($370 including mounting rack) is perfect for essentials like an atlas, rain

    suit and food stuffs, and has a brake light that works to add visibility--unless you overload the case; then the switch works

    erratically. The side cases ($561.60 with rack) make the bike as wide as a VW bus, but they triple the V-Strom's carrying

    capacity, permitting the transport of precious spares and tools."






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