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    Default All Metagaming Microgames plus bonuses

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    All Metagaming Microgames plus bonuses
    English | Collection Books | PDF | 462.13 MB

    Included are ALL the Metagaming Microgames:
    MG01 Ogre
    MG02 Chitin: 1
    MG03 Melee
    MG04 Warpwar
    MG05 Rivets
    MG06 Wizard
    MG07 Olympica
    MG08 G.E.V.
    MG09 Ice War
    MG10 Black Hole
    MG11 Sticks & Stones
    MG12 Invasion of the Air Eaters
    MG13 Holy War
    MG14 Annihilator/One World
    MG15 Hot Spot
    MG16 Artifact
    MG17 Dimension Demons
    MG18 The Lords of Underearth
    MG19 Helltank
    MG20 Trailblazer
    MG21 Starleader Assault
    MG22 Helltank Destroyer
    Plus the Micro-History games:
    MH01 Rommel's Panzers
    MH02 Ram Speed
    MH03 Stalin's Tanks
    MH04 Fury of the Norsemen
    MH05 Fire When Ready
    As a bonus, there are also:
    The Air Eaters Strike Back
    Shockwave rulebook
    Battlesuit rulebook
    I've also included several maps and countersheets, including an icosohedral projection of the earth made into an Air Eaters mapboard, and some Ogre/GEV/Shockwave mega-maps I put together.

    Code: Microgames.rar
    Code: Microgames.rar
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