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    Mechanical Science II Mechanical Sciences-II, within the purview of WBUT syllabus, deals the fundamental aspects of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Both of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics have separate identity as full-fledged subjects. Hence to study both of them, the students of WBUT may need to separate books. Here in a single book these two subjects� matters are complied for the good of students. To achieve an in-depth knowledge of these two basic subjects, it needs very lucid elaboration of the text and also presentation of numerous worked out examples for complete understanding of the topic. Keeping these basic requirements in mind, we have tried to exert our best to come up with a most useful book. In this newly revised edition, we have tried to rectify the errors and omissions detected earlier. The present version mainly features ❖ Thorough discussion of the topic in basic level, avoiding much detailing and critical discourse. ❖ Inclusion of multiple choice questions relevant to the topic. ❖ Provision of number of useful numerical examples for holistic understanding of the topic. The forbearance as well as the active support of our family members and the useful suggestions by our colleagues and the commendable support from the editorial team of the publishing house consorted successfully to bloom this project. Though proper care has been adopted to make the book error free, any unintended mistake or error or omission noticed may be directly communicated to the publisher or the author(s). PDF | 433 pages | 3.3 MB
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