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    Default livedon - Clive Barker Collection + Books App[ePub; mobi]

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    livedon - Clive Barker Collection + Books App[ePub; mobi]

    Books of Blood, Vols. 4-6
    Coldheart Canyon
    Mister B. Gone
    The Damnation Game
    The Great and Secret Show
    The Hellbound Heart
    The Inhuman Condition
    The Reconciliation
    The Thief of Always
    Tortured Soulds - The Legend of Primordiu

    Books App

    MS-Word, Lit, PDF
    13 Horror novels for your pleasure.

    Archive Contents:

    Book of Blood Volume 1 - 6
    Imajica Volume 1 & 2
    Lost Souls.
    The Hell Bound Heart.
    The Great And Secret Show.

    He first realized he could scare people with his words telling stories around a campfire with fellow Boy Scouts when he was ten years old. It gave him ?a lovely sense of power.?

    He started out writing and directing plays for a fringe theater company he formed in London, producing works such as ?Frankenstein in Love,? ?The History of the Devil,? and ?Colossus,? a play about his favorite painter, Goya. These plays often delved into the erotic, the fantastical, and the horrific, themes that he would later become known for in his literary work. Many of his plays have been collected in two books, Incarnations and Forms of Heaven.

    In his spare time, Barker wrote short horror fiction, not expecting to be able to sell it. However, the first publisher he showed it to asked for more, and his stories were published in three volumes in 1984, under the title, The Books of Blood. Moderately successful in Great Britain, the Books found wide critical acclaim in the United States, and now appear in over a dozen languages.

    Note: Clicking the eye takes you to page two. Clicking the sun takes you back to page one.
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