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    Default Kevin Young : Google Cash Generator

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    Kevin Young : Google Cash Generator
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    Google Cash Generator is one of the most anticipated internet marketing products to launch in 2010. Its creator, a 17 year old marketing whiz kid named Kevin Young, promises that by following his exact blueprint, almost anyone can literally write themselves some seriously big affiliate commission checks.

    So needless to say, Kevins Google Cash Generator system has created lots of buzz among internet marketing pros and newbies alike. Regardless of experience, everyone is dying to know if this new product can really do what its owner says it can, and that is create over 9,000 in easy profit every single month while working for only a few hours per day.

    If youre familiar with IM product launches, then you know that finding the truth about a product is difficult. This is because everyone has jumped on board as an affiliate and theyre all looking to make a nice 50 to 70 commission on that product.

    So heres the basic truth about GCG: Kevins system revolves around something he likes to call the cash triangle. This is the backbone of his system. The cash triangle consists of three parts: Google organic traffic, a free or hosted blog, and the largest social media sites YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Once setup, the cash triangle can create streams of automated traffic.

    In essence, the system works by creating a blog that is centered on an affiliate product, preferably a ClickBank product as they offer the highest commissions and most vendors create promotional tools for affiliates. You then send traffic to that blog with Kevins cash triangle technique.

    The overall methods used in Kevins system are not new. But his approach IS different and innovative, which is a definite plus. Google Cash Generator presents affiliate marketing in a way that really reflects the fact that it was created by a 17 year old. This does not mean that the product is juvenile or mediocre. No, in fact its far from that. What this means is that Kevins presentation is fresh and simple. It contains none of the familiar hype or empty promises. He doesnt waste your time with the overused sob story or with feigned empathy for your individual financial hardships. Instead, he just gives you a clear plan to follow a plan that is profitable and actually works.

    Kevin gets right down to business and explains the details of how he does what he does. For all the newbies, it is literally as if you are sitting at your desk next to your own kid while they teach you how to do things you never really thought the internet or your computer could do.

    So if youre still on the fence about Google Cash Generator, I strongly suggest giving it a go especially if you are new to working online but just dont know where or how to start.




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