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    Default Joana's Leveling Guide WotLK (1-60+70-80 + DK 55-60)(HORDE)

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    Joana's Leveling Guide Wrath of the Lich King Including: Northrend 70-80 and Death Knight 55-60 guides! know people have been waiting for this and are all anxious to get starting leveling. So here I give you Joana's WotLK leveling guide for Horde! This new guide by joana is really great and deeply recommended if you want to level as quickly as possible to level 80! Also features a great guide to the Death Knight starting area. Currently I have included the whole 70-80 package! All northrend zones! I have also included the 55-60 Death Knight guide. Please note that currently this is only the html files and not any ingame mod or anything else. I will look into adding it all later.
    To-do-list: X Add in-game addon - added X Add metamap coords - added X Add Linkz X Add 55-60 Death Knight Leveling Guide * Add DK strategy guide * Add DK user submitted class guides * Improve the guide (wowhead direct links, internal links working etc etc)
    To open the Guide: Double Click on the Live link in the folders exp.. open up 70-72 Borean Tundra folder, click on the file (link) boreantundra, the guide will load in your browser, Note: some links in the guide wont work cause this is a cracked. Enjoy!
    Zygor's Ingame Leveling Guide 1-80 (Horde & Alliance) link below!



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