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    Default Hari Singh Nalwa, "Handbook of Thin Films, Five-Volume Set" 2011

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    Hari Singh Nalwa, "Handbook of Thin Films, Five-Volume Set" 2011
    Aca...ic Pr..s | ISBN: 0125129084 | 3451 pages | PDF | 252 MB
    Genre: Ebooks

    Thin film materials are the key elements of continued technological advances made in the fields of electronic, optic, and magnetic devices. The processing of materials into thin-films allow easy integration into various types of devices. The materials discussed in this Handbook of Thin Film Materials include semiconductors, superconductors, ferroelectrics, nanostructured materials, magnetic materials among others. Thin film materials have already been used in semiconductor devices, wireless communication, telecommunications, integrated circuits, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, liquid crystal displays, magneto-optic memories, audio and video systems, compact discs, electro-optic coatings, memories, multilayer capacitors, flat-panel displays, smart windows, computer chips, magneto-optic disks, lithography, micro-optical devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and multifunctional protective coatings, as well as other emerging cutting edge technologies. The vast variety of thin film materials, their deposition, processing and fabrication techniques, spectroscopic characterization and properties compiled in this handbook are the key components of such devices and basis of thin film technology.

    Many of these thin film applications have been covered in the five volumes of the Handbook of Thin Film Devices edited by M. H. Francombe (Academic Press, 2000). This reference, Handbook of Thin Film Materials is complementary to this handbook on devices. The publication of these two handbooks, selectively focused on thin film materials and devices, covers almost every conceivable topic on thin films in the fields of science and engineering.

    Thin film materials has been one of the most important areas of research in past decades and will continue to be the key research area as well in the new millennium for future generation of electronic, photonic and magnetic technologies. This 5 volume set provides a unique source of in-depth knowledge of deposition, processing, spectroscopy and physical properties of thin film materials.

    Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK




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