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    Title - Handbook of Psychology (12 Volume Set)

    Irving B. Weiner, "Handbook of Psychology (12 Volume Set)"
    Wiley l PDF l 42 MB

    Book Description :

    The first two volumes cover history and research methods; each of the next ten, a particular area of psychology: biological, experimental, personality and social, developmental, educational, clinical, health, assessment, forensic, and industrial and organizational. The first volume comprises 26 articles by approximately 60 contributors from American associations and academic institutions addressing the history of school, clinical, ethnic, and international psychologies, among other topics. The set's first article is the 20-page "Psychology as a Science," by Alfred Fuchs (Bowdoin) and Katharine S. Milar (Earlham). After a brief table of contents, the article addresses the philosophical and scientific origins of psychology, psychology's first laboratory, and the evolution of the discipline, especially in the US and Germany. The article concludes with a bibliography of about 200 titles. The last volume contains 23 articles by nearly 50 contributors. The last article in the set, the 16-page "Diversity in Organizations" by Clayton Alderfer and Adrienne D. Sims (both at Rutgers), discusses the meanings of diversity before addressing an initially inductive diversity study, individualism-collectivism theory, social identity theory, relation demography, and embedded intergroup relations theory. It ends with a brief conclusion and a 75- item bibliography. Each of the 12 volumes contains its own author and subject indexes.

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