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    Default Fravia: Pages of Reverse Engineering - Hacking, Cracking...

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    Fravia: Pages of Reverse Engineering - Hacking, Cracking...

    A 56 anni si conclusa la vita di mio figlio;

    una persona coraggiosa, tenera, generosa.

    Era sempre assetato di giustizia,

    sempre curioso e attento nella ricerca,

    sempre pronto e originale nella sperimentazione.

    Non sei qui, a confortarmi, figlio caro,

    Tua Madre

    Les roues du temps ont broy ce grain.

    Pourtant, la semence tombe en terre fertile.

    I wish the world's surface could shrink

    and I would suddenly find you by my side.

    Imprinted by your broad and lively mind,

    and by your even broader and generous heart,

    I am most lucky -

    I had the luck to be

    Your Sister

    The stones of time crushed this grain

    Still, the seed falls on fertile ground

    The death of a much beloved man always causes much sorrow.

    A warrior's death is unbearable.

    P. - very old friend

    Le ruote del tempo frantumano il grano.

    Ma il seme cade su un terreno fertile.

    Leaving the scene in May

    with an ironic smile,

    typical of you.

    PA. - old friend

    Dieses Korn wurde von den Mhlen der Zeit vermahlt.

    Doch die Saat fllt auf fruchtbaren Boden.


    be sure you will always be remembered and beloved by all of us

    like we were a human net holding you tight.

    More than ever.

    C.+M., B. and others - old friends

    Forgive me one more time, much beloved brother,

    I will miss you every single second.

    Your Sister


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Fravia is a pseudonym/handle for a European cracker (his real name, according to his autobiography, is Fjalar Ravia) who is probably best known for his web archive of reverse engineering techniques and papers. Mirrors of the old web site ( still exist (see, e.g., Internet Archive), though Fravia has publicly requested their removal in favor of his new web-searching-centric sites.

    He leads people from becoming 'crackers' to reversers, both in the sense of software reverse engineering, and as an ideology. He is strongly against advertisements, software user-restrictions, and what he claims to be needless software protectionism. He is interested in written history, language, information theory, and is known to speak Finnish, German, English, Italian, Spanish and French.

    His principal interests are now advanced web searching techniques, e.g. how to write your own search bots, how to "cut through the web" to your targets using special search strings (webbits), and how to find on the deep Web anything that could have been digitized, inter alia unknown music pieces, rare books or images whose names you don't even know or remember.

    His anti-commercial attitude is well known: there is not a single banner or advertisement on his sites.

    Similarly, his writings and workshops always underline and demonstrate his belief that the very structure of the web was made for sharing, not hoarding or selling.

    Since October 2000, Fravia got in touch with Richard Stallman at a LinuxDay event in Milan to which they were invited by a common friend. This meeting induced Fravia to start exploring and helping free software and free culture.

    For all downloaders: The Browser to best use when viewing this is Opera...(Per Fravia). If you have never used it, go ahead and try can use the Browser you always use and also Opera .....
    Code: Pages of Reverse Engineering - Hacking, Cracking.rar



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