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    Arrow Flood - Richard Doyle

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    It will only take one day for London to cease to exist.

    A storm rages over the north of Britain and a troop carrier founders in the Irish Sea. Flood indicators are off the scale, the seas are mountainous and a spring tide is about to strike the east coast. Air sea rescue and military personnel struggle to save lives but the worst is yet to come. When the storm reaches the south, the two forces of wind and tide will combine to send an enormous, one-in-a-thousand tidal surge up the Thames. Will the Thames Barrier save London, as it was intended to do? Or will the fifty feet high gates be overwhelmed by the huge wave surging towards it? When an oil supertanker explodes in the estuary, it ignites the river. The wall of fire and water thunders towards Britainís capital. This devastating and compulsive thriller is the story of what happens next, and the desperate attempts to save the capital from destruction.
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