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    Default Embrace the Grim Reaper - Judy Clemens

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    Embrace the Grim Reaper - Judy Clemens

    Embrace the Grim Reaper - Judy Clemens
    Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press | August 1, 2010 | Language: English | ISBN-10: 1590587200 | 250 pages | EPUB/MOBI | 625.05 KB/1.04 MB

    Casey Maldonado?s life is over ? at least as she knows it. In one brief moment of fire and wrenching metal, everything important was gone. The car manufacturer was generous with its settlement, but it can never be enough. Her family and friends ? not to mention her lawyers ? want her to go for more. More money. More publicity. More everything. But Casey is done. No financial gain or courtroom retribution will bring back what really matters. So she packs up, puts her house on the market, and leaves town. Her only companion ? Death, who won?t take her, but won?t leave her alone.

    Stopping on a whim in Clymer, a small blue-collar town in the midst of Ohio farmland, Casey discovers a town wrapped in tragedy. Not only is HomeMaker, the town?s appliance factory and main ********, moving to Mexico, but the town has been rocked by the suicide of a beloved single mother. Casey is drawn to the town, and soon realizes that many of the citizens don?t believe the verdict of suicide at all. Death encourages her to investigate, and she uncovers information that points to the factory. Was the victim?s death a cover-up? Did she truly have the means ? as she claimed ? to keep the factory from leaving town? When Casey begins to receive messages that she should leave well enough alone, she decides she?d be better off back on the road, but the murderer can?t let her go with everything she knows?

    About the Author
    Judy Clemens was born and raised a Mennonite, and is still involved with the church. She lives in rural Ohio, where she is pleased to see women in leadership in every aspect of the community. Dairy farming is not a part of her daily life, for which she is grateful, since it?s such a difficult job. She lives in an old farmhouse with her family, and their livestock consists of four housecats.



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