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    Default The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit

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    The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit

    Gerard M. Hill, "The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit"
    C...R.C | English | 2009-10-15 | ISBN: 1439801541 | 422 pages | PDF | 3.7 mb

    In the past, an organizationís technical methodologies were expected to fulfill project management process needs. However, they sometimes fell short of applying what is known today as "professional project management" concepts and practices. Written by one of the nationís most highly regarded project management mentors, The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit delineates a "business-relevant" methodology that can be introduced across different industries and business environments.

    The book describes the Project PRISMô Project Management Methodology, an innovative, matrix-based approach to conducting project management that introduces relevant concepts, practices, and tools in an effective project management solution. Aligned with common business practices, Gerard Hillís method demonstrates how to develop project plans, keep on schedule, manage budgets, maintain areas of responsibility, and evaluate a projectís progress from concept to completion. The text also offers insight for customizing the methodology to meet the unique needs of individual organizations.

    Project management has emerged as a professional discipline and is coming into the mainstream just when it appears to be most needed in the business environment. Demonstrating that project management, in many ways, is business management, the author provides an exceptional foundation for creating a fine-tuned project management practice and a relevant business solution for every organization.



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