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    Default Brian Wilson Aldiss - Hothouse

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    Brian Wilson Aldiss - Hothouse

    Brian Aldiss - Hothouse
    Publisher: ePenguin (August 7, 2008) | Language: English | ASIN: B002RI9CIY | EPUB + MOBI | 288 pages | 1.7 mb + 0.4 mb

    The Sun is about to go Nova. Earth and Moon have ceased their axial rotation and present one face continuously to the sun. The bright side of Earth is covered with carnivorous forest. This is the Age of vegetables. Gren and his lady - not to mention the tummybelly men - journey to the even more terrifying Dark side. One of Aldiss' most famous and long-enduring novels, fast moving, packed with brilliant imagery.
    Reviews on my work are appreciated to help me improve my work and give you better and better material. If nothing to say, at least "Thank you" would be awesome to keep thread alive...




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