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    Brian Jacques

    Redwall Series

    A typical book in the Redwall series details a particular period in the history of Redwall Abbey. In all but a few cases, the book is about the inhabitants of Redwall and the surrounding Mossflower Woods. Usually, there are at least two different stories going on. For example, a typical book may relate the story of a small expedition by a group of woodlanders, as well as the story of a large group of Redwallers at home fending off a vermin horde. Because of the widely spaced storylines (chronologically speaking), very few creatures are mentioned in more than one or two novels, except in a passing historical sense. One notable exception is Martin the Warrior, who appears in all books, even if, most of the time, only in spirit form or no more than as a passing historical mention. Also, Martin's sword appears in all of the novels. Though he is not mentioned by name in Lord Brocktree, Martin does appear, referred to in Brocktree's dream as "a young mouse bearing a beautiful sword".
        Here are included most of Redwall's books, but there are some missing (marked as such in the followiing recommended Reading/Chronological order):
        - Lord Brocktree (2000)
        - The Legend of Luke - Book 2 substory (1999)
        - Martin the Warrior (1993)
        - Mossflower (1998)
        - The Legend of Luke (1999)
        - Outcast of Redwall (1995)
        - Mariel of Redwall (1991)
        - The Bellmaker (1994)
        - Salamandastron (1992)
        - Redwall (1986)
        - Mattimeo (1989)
        - The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
        - The Long Patrol (1997)
        - Marlfox (1998)
        - The Taggerung (2001)
        - Triss (2002)
        - Loamhedge (2003) (Missing)
        - Rakkety Tam (2004) (Missing)
        - High Rhulain (2005)
        - Eulalia! (2007) (Missing)
        - Doomwyte (2008) (Missing)

    Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

     In Book 01, "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman" (2001) , a young boy and his dog stow away on board the Flying Dutchman, a ship bound for South America, in 1620. The pair are thrown overboard as the ship rounds Cape Horn, but are saved by an angel. From then on the two are fated to travel the world, through time to help people in trouble.
        In Book 02, "The Angel's Command" (2003), the novel comes alive-Redwall fashion-with a magnificent romp on the sea, and another in the robber-filled mountains of Spain! Ben and Ned, the boy and dog who were sent on an angel's errand in Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, find themselves on board a Frenchman's pirate ship, pursued by not one but two ships-an English privateer and a Spanish buccaneer. They finally escape into the Pyrenees, only to stumble into an even more challenging adventure that takes them into very heart of the mountains, where they-and their new companions, a painter and a gypsy girl-must face the most evil robber of them all: the legendary Maguda Razan.
        In Book 03, "Voyage of Slaves" (2006), adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, Ben falls captive to a band of slave traders and their leader Al Misurata. With his faithful dog Ned at his side, Ben must plot escape as the ship of scoundrels sails up the Libyan coastline toward Italy, where a trap awaits. Ruthless enemies and hard times appear around every bend, but Ben and Ned have quick wits to rely on and, just as important, one another.
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 01] - Redwall 1.0 (html)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 02] - Mossflower 1.0 (html)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 03] - Mattimeo 1.0 (html)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 04] - Mariel of Redwall (htm, txt)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 05] - Salamandastron (txt)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 06] - Martin the Warrior (htm, txt)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 07] - The Bellmaker (v2.0) [htm, jpg]
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 08] - Outcast Of Redwall (v2.0) [htm, jpg]
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 09] - Pearls of Lutra - Version (v2.0) (html)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 10] - The Long Patrol (v2.0) [htm, jpg]
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 11] - Marlfox [htm, jpg, gif, png]
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 12] - The Legend of Luke [htm, jpg, gif, png]
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 13] - Lord Brocktree (html).rar
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 14] - Taggerung (html)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 15] - Triss (htm)
    Brian Jacques - [Redwall 18] - High Rhulain (pdf)
    Brian Jacques - [Flying Dutchmen 01] - Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman (V1 Rtf Jpg)
    Brian Jacques - [Flying Dutchmen 02] - The Angel's Command (html, jpg)
    Brian Jacques - [Flying Dutchmen 03] - Voyage of Slaves (v5.0) (pdf)

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