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    Default Boost! Listening 1 Student Book with Audio CD

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    Boost! Listening 1 Student Book with Audio CD

    Boost! Listening 1 Student Book with Audio CD
    Publisher: Pearson Longman | 2008 | ISBN-10: 9620058739 | ISBN-13: 978 9620058738 | English | PDF+MP3 | 70 pages | 76.94 Mb
    Boost! Listening is for junior learners, that develops functional speaking skills like clarification, explanation, description and persuasion.
    Listening Skill: A very simple introduction is given of the targeted unit skill followed by a skill discovery activity.
    Skill Practice:
    A pre-listening task prepares students for the main listening passage which is accompanied by a guided note-taking activity.
    A skill-based listening comprehension activity.
    Integration: The listening skill is combined with speaking, reading and writing activities.
    Review: After every two core units there is a Review quiz which consolidates the listening skills already studied.



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