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    Self's Murder
    (The third book in the Gerhard Self series)
    A novel by
    Bernhard Schlink
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    Bernhard Schlink

    Gerhard Self, the dour, seventy-something sleuth, is back in a new chapter in the wonderful series of mysteries by the bestselling author of The Reader.

    When Gerhard Self happens upon one of the most intriguing cases of his career, he can't resist. From the start, the job is an unusual one: Herr Welker, partial owner of the German bank Weller and Welker desperately wants to write a history of his bank, but he has one problem - a silent partner, whose name does not appear anywhere in the bank's records. Welker wants Self to track this silent partner down. Shortly after he takes the job, Self is accosted by a man who frantically hands him a suitcase full of money and speeds off in a car, only to crash into a tree, dying instantly. Perplexed, but more determined than ever, Self follows the money. Soon he finds himself traveling to eastern Germany - shortly after the fall of communism - battling Nazi youth, and closing in on a money laundering ring with connections to the Russian mafia.
    Formats (epub,lrf,mobi)



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