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    Arrow Benjamin Blue - Storm Killer

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    Hurricane Edna is growing by the hour and Florida is squarely in her path. The United States has built the Storm Killer Project, a huge orbiting defense system, which may be able to destroy the hurricane before it reaches land. The station is operational and about to attack the hurricane, when acts of sabotage threaten its very existence. The saboteurs inflict enough damage on the station that the technology designed to defeat the hurricane is actually strengthening it to a category five monster. The three-person NASA security team, on board the station, is the only force available to thwart the saboteurs' plans, and prevent the failure of Storm Killer. Kim Danby, a woman addicted to drugs, leads the team. The other members of team, Lieutenant James and Dan Hoch, also have flaws and black marks that make them vulnerable. Each must battle their own personal demons as they pursue the investigation. Even when one of the team is murdered, the others continue to follow the evidence and unravel the clues that lead to the identity of the conspirators hidden within NASA's and Washington's highest-ranking command structures. They must arrest the perpetrators in time to stop the destruction of the station by a Russian nuclear missile. As the conspirators are unmasked and arrested, their leader senses his plan is crumbling and flees by a well-planned escape route. He thinks himself safe from law enforcement. Little does he suspect that he needs to fear his own kind more than the law!
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