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    Default Of Zayed's playboy tales

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    No one can dispute the fact that Zayed Khan is one of the best looking actors in the industry today. And these good looks have always won him fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. So much so that Zayed does not recall how many girls he actually dated before marriage.


    All these details are Zayed Khan's own confessions. The actor is kicked about the fact that his upcoming film LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI sums up the experiences of being at different stages of a relationship.

    Talking about his playboy tales, Zayed says, "My university days were great fun. I was spoilt for choice and it felt like a buffet of sorts. I have had my share of fun and can hardly recall some faces who I dated during those days."

    Currently Zayed has two big reasons to celebrate, one is his film LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI (his first production movie) and the other his second child. It seems Zayed cannot wait to let this excitement reach its date faster. As for his playboy tales, the actor fondly lets those memories co-exist in his current days too.



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