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    Default Yuvraj Singh and Kim Sharma revive their affair?

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    Has Yuvraj Singh continued remaining a foot loose single dude after his break up with Deepika Padukone or has he gone back to his ex girlfriend Kim Sharma for good is the question on everyone’s mind whoever have seen the couple hitting Mumbai’s hottest spots together. Our source spotted them just days back at a Mumbai café.

    He recalls, “Yuvraj Singh drove his car around the popular suburban Mumbai cafe a few times before him stepping out and entering it.

    He then entered the cafe only a couple of minutes before his on-and-off girlfriend Kim arrived in a chauffeur-driven car.

    The two were seen chatting over endless cups of coffee. While they seemed quite comfortable with each other, onlookers sensed that the two were consciously maintaining a distance from each other.”

    Our source continues, “It looked like the couple was consciously trying to be discreet in public, so they stayed at an arm’s length from each other. When it was time to leave however, Yuvi held Kim’s hand and walked her to his car and took her on a drive, while Kim’s car followed them around.”


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