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    Default Yesteryear actress Sadhana harassed; 'Robinhood' Pandey comes to rescue

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    The yesteryear actress Sadhana is almost a legend. Her films and especially her hairstyle (called Sadhana cut) are still a rage in the country. She is part of Mumbai city's glorious history of films and yet it comes as a shock to learn how these celebrities who once were worshipped are being treated by a few people.

    Presently, residing on the ground floor of Sangeeta building in Santacruz, Sadna's apartment originally belongs to singer Asha Bhosle. But Sadhana's second floor neighbours have been giving her a tough time. Yusuf Lakdawala, a builder, has his relatives living the same building as Sadhna, and the actress claims that she has been threatened by the builder that if she doesn't vacate the flat he would kill her. Yusuf of course denies these allegations and states that he has no stake in the apartment that belongs to Asha. Sadhna says that the row happened over the builder's need to redevelop the place and she even went to the local Police station several times to report the matter but no action was taken. She has now approached the Commissioner Of Police Sanjeev Dayal and hopes something would come out of it.

    But the actress is not alone in her battle against injustice. A not so silent star is fighting the battle for her on the popular networking site twitter. And this star is the mighty Salman Khan who is these days being fondly called as the 'Robinhood' Pandey. And true to his Robinhood character, Salman has been garnering support for Sadhana as he tweets, "who is this builder who is making Sadhana aunty's life miserable, threatening her that he vil cut her to bits nd nobody is doing anything abt it." He went on to ask for public support as he tweeted, "Can u believe this that in this day n age this kind of stuff happens in our country where a living legend's life is hell, janta support needed."

    Looking at the response he got, Sallu tweeted, "Itna support n this soon. I believe every thing can b sorted across the table, sum believe under the table all v hv to do is get em across."

    Hope an amicable solution is reached soon and the respected yesteryear star Sadhana can start living a peaceful life again.
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