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    Default We won't let Shilpa shave off her head

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    We won't let Shilpa shave off her head
    By Subhash K Jha

    Here's an example of how creative freedom can be smothered by commercial enterprises.

    In a blatant show of bullying tactics a major commetic company put its foot down after reading a newsreport that she's be shaving off her hair.

    A source close to Shilpa reveals she was all set to sacrifice her mane. Alerted by the news report the cosmetic company compelled Shilpa to change her plans.

    On Tuessday in Kollam She went bald for the camera. But the baldness was induced by prosthetics.

    Says Shilpa, "I'd have loved to shave off my hair. But my other commitments put an end to my plans. The bald prosthetics were done by an amazing makeup artiste named Vidyadhar. It took him three hours to make me look bald. And after I finished shooting it took an hour to take off the bald makeup."

    Shilpa insisted on doing all the bald scenes in one day. "Getting into the bald makeup again would've been impossible. But what we've shot is amazing. Being hairless makes you look so vulnerable and childlike. I felt I had gone back to my childhood, " Shilpa said from Kolam where the film Desire is being shot.

    Shilpa regrets not going the whole hog. "Seeing myself in bald prosthetics liberated me. I wish I could've actually shaved of my hair. An Aamir Khan tonsures his head and it becomes a fashion statement. But we girls have to go by the market definitions of glamour."

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