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    Default I won't mind older husband: Aasiya Kazi

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    Aasiya Kazi, better known as Santu of 'Bandini', has now become a household name. The 17-year-old girl chats up with India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu in Kolkata

    You have joined Balaji Telefilms 'Saas Bahu' group at quite an early age. Don't you miss on contemporary roles at per your age?
    Not at all. I think playing an urban teen won't have been a challenge for me. But to play a Gujrati village girl married to a man twice her age, she being mother of five (all of them older to her) a real challenge. This role is like a dream come true for me. I feel privileged to work with big names in the television industry like Ekta Kapoor and Ronit Roy.

    Did you expect 'Santu' to get so much of viewers' attention?
    I was quite nervous at the beginning and never expected that Santu would become a household name. I am overwhelmed with the response our show has received across the country. I hope to live up to the expectations of the viewers and receive their continuous love and blessings.

    What do you think help you bag this role?
    I had been giving auditions here and there for three years. Then, one day I auditioned for 'Bandini'. And I think it was my looks that helped me get 'Santu'.

    Have you done any course on acting?
    No...I have no formal training in acting. But I am lucky to be able to work with senior actors like Ronit Bose Roy at the very beginning of my career. I am learning a lot from them.

    You are still a Shiamak Davar student?
    I was a dance student of Shiamak Davar; I have completed my course. And then I didn't have time to continue with dancing.

    Are you a television actor by choice, or by chance?
    Since childhood I wanted to take up's my hobby. I always wanted to do fashion designing and acting simultaneously. I had been trying for three auditions; but due to studies and exams my hobby was a bit neglected. But I was not choosy about the medium...small or big screen. And now-a-days, I don't think there is any difference between actors of small and big screens.

    You are a class 12 student. When do you find time to study now?
    I take my books on the sets. My production people, co-actors like Ronit Bose Roy, help me out during my studies and exams...they find time for me; adjust with my schedules. So I get time to study and act also.

    How comfortable you are in heavy traditional Gujrati sarees and jewellery?
    Initially it was a bit uncomfortable, since I used to be a jeans-and-T-shirt girl. But now I have become used to it. My getup is a part of my character and it helps me to get the feel of 'being Santu'. (Smiles)

    Santu is married to Dharamraj Mahiavanshi (played by Ronit Roy), who is twice her age. In real life, will you marry someone who is so many years elder to you?
    I won't mind older husband if my parents choose him for me. Because I know if they have made a choice there are reasons for my good behind it.


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