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    Default What's up with Kangana's lips?????????

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    Apparently the star's been suffering from some allergy !!!

    A little birdie tells me that something is not right with Kangana Ranaut's lips.

    Apparently the star had been holidaying in Italy for two weeks and has returned with her lips being unusually swollen!

    Now I know that this has got a lot of tongues wagging about just what on earth she'd done with them while she was abroad.

    A prominent tabloid had recently reported that Katrina Kaif had returned from the same country with a visibly changed set of lips.

    However the sexy star who was caught on camera in Mumbai recently has been claiming that it's some sort of an allergy and had stepped out to meet a director friend of hers.

    I'm not saying anything. But Kangana, if you do have allergy maybe you should stay at home… or at least not get photographed. What say?
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