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    Default "What's the big deal about erotica?" - Jacqueline

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    Not much noise is being made around this yet but the fact remains that erotica plays a major role in the narrative of Murder 2. As can be expected from this Bhatt franchise, Jacqueline Fernandez would be pretty much continuing from where Mallika Sherawat left in Murder."With the kind of script that Murder 2 boasts of, it was pretty much mandated for Emraan and Jackie to be shown in close proximity with each other.

    The logic shared by director Mohit Suri was that if the equation was to be established between a boyfriend and a girlfriend who have been in a passionate affair, they couldn't be held back on kissing or getting under the sheets on the bed", informs a source. Though Mohit assured his cast that he won't be using erotica as a tool to sell the film, he wanted it to be an integral part of the film. Also, unlike Anurag Basu's vision for Murder where erotica was the focal point of the narrative, what with Emraan and Mallika being in an extra marital relationship, Mohit wanted the equation between Emraan and Jackie to be more rather than titillating.

    "There is an equation that has to be established between me and Emraan in the film so it is but obvious that there would be some passionate encounters on-screen", Jackie doesn't hesitate in admitting shooting for such erotic sequences, "What's the big deal about this all? Why are we so hung up. It is a part of story telling after all." Jackie is a little conscious though when asked to compare the erotic quotient of the two films. "Yes, there are scenes that are quite bold in Murder 2 but then I am not the right person to comment on whether it is more or less in comparison to Murder.
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