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    There is a certain aura about Sonam Kapoor that is difficult to describe in words. Often hailed as the 'Style Diva' of Bollywood, this babe is downright simple, casual and chilled out when you meet her. In this exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama's Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, Sonam opens up about her latest flick Mausam, her experience sharing screen space for the first time with teen heartthrob Shahid Kapoor and her moments of bliss gorging on some delicious food in Punjab. You don't wanna miss reading this one...

    We all know Mausam is a love story that spans across various seasons. Could you tell us something more about the film?
    It's a love story between 2 very simple, normal people- Harry and Aayat- who meet each other at 4 different ages across the span of a decade. It's about a boy and girl who have this attraction for each other and fall in love but certain situations doesn't allow their love story to culminate so easily and at the end of the day when their love story does culminate, it does so very beautifully. It's a very simple love story which becomes poignant because of extraordinary circumstances in the life of the two protagonists.
    What is your character Aayat like?
    Aayat means holy couplet. It's a very beautiful name. Aayat is a very subtle person who internalises everything. She is very innocent, looks delicate yet is very strong from within. She does everything with a pure heart and is extremely endearing. There are not very large histrionics associated with this character yet her inner beauty and simplicity makes it one of the most beautiful characters I have ever played.
    You are paired opposite Shahid Kapoor for the first time. How would you describe Shahid the actor and Shahid the person?
    As an actor Shahid is extremely hard-working, very intense and particular about his work. Off-screen, as a person, Shahid is very fun loving, care-free, and really chilled out. He doesn't give a damn about what people say / write about him. He is just concerned about his work, his family and a few of his really close friends. It's lovely to meet a person like that.

    You've been saying that though the film is being directed by Shahid's dad Mr. Pankaj Kapur, you ended up being the pampered one on set? How did that happen?
    I don't know. I guess all directors who make romantic films always take extra care of their heroines (laughs). On a more serious note, I must say that Pankaj sir, Supriya ma'm are all very loving people. They treat you with so much love, care and affection that it's a pleasure to be on their sets. They made me part of their family and took special care of me. For the first 5 days in Scotland, Shahid used to be ready waiting for his shot till 5 in the evening and his father was only taking my shots. That was too funny.

    We all know how brilliant an actor Pankaj Kapur is. How would you rate him as a director?
    I think he is going to be even more brilliant as a director. It has been a superb learning experience working with him. Hopefully people will get what he is trying to say/ convey through this film. Beneath a simple love story, there are lots of layers in the film and the film also contains a commentary on other social / relevant issues. It's a beautiful looking film thanks to Binod Pradhan and Samir Chanda- the ace cinematographers and Vikram Gaikwad (make up). Every technician in this film is simply the best we have in our country.
    ince you are often touted as the 'Fashion Diva' of Bollywood, we can't help but ask a bit about your style statement in Mausam?
    My look in Mausam is very simple yet beautiful. Loveleen Behl and Anamika have done the costumes but its all been as per Pankaj sir's vision of the character.

    Since the film has you sporting various looks across various seasons which look did you personally like the most?
    I like the look I sport during the second season the most.
    You guys shot at various locales right from Punjab to Scotland, which locale did you enjoy shooting the most?
    Edinburgh...the place has a rich history and you feel like you are in a Victorian novel.

    Considering you are a foodie, did you get to explore the delicacies of Punjab?
    I gorged on food everywhere. I have eaten like a maniac. In Chandigarh, we used to go to Sector 17 and eat everything from Pani Puri to Parathas to Dosas at India Coffee House. We simply had a blast.

    Coming to the music of the film, the 2 songs currently on air namely 'Rabba' and 'Saj Dhaj Ke' have an out and out Punjabi flavour. Is that the case with the rest of the songs too?
    Not really…yes the 2 songs which you mentioned are set in Punjab and hence the Punjabi flavour. Having said that, all the songs are melodious and have their own unique flavour. My personal favourite is 'Ek Tu Hi Tu'

    For Shahid, driving an F-16 fighter plane was a first, one of a kind experience, what would you rate as the most memorable experience on the sets of Mausam?
    Waltzing with Shahid…he is the best dancer I have worked with. It felt like I was floating while I was dancing with him, it's the best experience I've ever had.

    Has your dad Mr. Anil Kapoor seen the film, what has been his feedback?
    No yaar...he doesn't see my films till they release (smiles).

    And like most of the nation, are you looking forward to seeing him alongside Tom Cruise in MI-4?
    Of course I am looking forward to MI- 4 but am keener to see him in Cities

    Finally Sonam, what else is in store after Mausam?
    There is Players which is going to be a real fun, cool thriller. We just have 2 songs left to shoot and the film releases end of this year. There are a few other projects too but I can't talk about them as yet.

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