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    Default Vivek turns vegetarian

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    The transition from staunch meat eater to lover of greens happened two months ago while he was shooting for Kurbaan in London

    Once-upon-a-time a hardcore non-vegetarian, Vivek Oberoi has now turned vegetarian for good. At one time, it would have been most unlikely that Vivek would ever give up on chicken tandoori but the actor, who earlier used to make fun of crusaders of vegetarianism, is now a self-confessed lover of greens.

    A source said, “While shooting for Kurbaan, Vivek started having only vegetarian food. That’s when he slowly began liking it so much that when he returned to India, he couldn’t stand the sight of non-veg food. In fact, now he doesn’t even eat eggs.”

    When we asked Vivek about his newfound love for healthy greens, he sent us a text message, which read like an essay, “I never ever thought that I will call myself vegetarian. By virtue of being a half Punjabi and half Sikh, tandoori chicken was my staple diet. In fact, I remember teasing Kareena Kapoor during the shoot of Kurbaan saying, ‘Bebo, you are either a Punjabi or a vegetarian, choose one.’ It’s strange how much pleasure non-vegetarians can derive from antagonising crusading vegetarians who are on a mission to convert the world to eating ‘ghaas poos’ as I would unaffectionately call vegetarian food earlier. And then, there are those who are fanatical about ‘ghaas poos’, the ones who will stare at you disapprovingly and make passionate pleas to save your soul, the ones I now call ‘vege-terrorists.”

    Morbid videos from slaughterhouses and painfully detailed stories and images of cruelty to animals are the powerful weapons of vege-terrorism, according to Vivek. He believes that these are capable of invoking a deep sense of guilt for desiring a ‘tandoori taang’.

    “Guilt is a serious appetite killer. I have often been a victim of vege-terrorism causing me to give the taang (kick) to the tandoori taang because when you bite into the kebab of conscience, you begin to think, ‘this kebab once had a name... and it wasn’t tikka’. Try calling a plate of fried fish ‘Nemo’ and see if you want to eat it anymore. So to keep myself from going insane imagining cooked chicken and fish having conversations with me, I would just dodge the videos and emails full of horrid pictures. Ignorance is bliss, so I continued ordering my murgh makhanis blissfully. But the truth has a special knack of sneaking up on you. One lazy Friday evening in London, it did just that. While waiting for my buddies to pick me up to go partying, I decided to clean up my email account. And there it was, hiding in my inbox, a video of a slaughterhouse, waiting like a ticking time bomb. As I clicked the link, it exploded into my conscience. It was the truth that I was hiding from all this while. But why was I hiding from and dodging this truth? I guess because somewhere deep in my heart, I always knew that once I faced the truth, I will never be the same again. Paul McCartney once famously said, “If slaughter houses had windows, the world would turn vegetarian.” On my last day of the shooting for Kurbaan, I walked up sheepishly to Kareena and said, ‘Ummm, I have turned vegetarian and I am kinda loving it’. And I’ll never forget that victorious smile she burst into. I had lost and yet I had won,” wrote Vivek.

    Vivek’s change of food habits has had a positive impact on him. As one of his friends said, “He is much calmer these days. Also, he is able to focus better and has become more patient too.”

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