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    Default Vivek Oberoi's prank frightens Mallika Sherawat!

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    Actor Vivek Oberoi is not allowing the cast and crew of the film KISMAT LUV PAISA DILLI (KLPD) to get drowsy or exhausted as the team is shooting the film during night. The actor is keeping the sets lively. Interestingly, the actor even played a prank on co-star Mallika Sherawat.


    There was a peepal tree on the sets of KLPD and Vivek told his makeup man that he would attract spirits. But it got scarier when Vivek spotted a nail on the tree and asked his makeup man to make an 'Om' on his back to ward off spirits. All this was done in front of Mallika, who panicked. A frightened Mallika requested director Sanjay Khanduri to change the location. That's when the director asked VO to reveal the truth. She took it all sportingly but has promised to get back at Vivek."

    The film, produced by Amit Chandrra and co produced by Krishan Chaudhery is a comic thriller and the set is buzzing with fun and activity.



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