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    Default Vivek Oberoi to strip in KISMAT LOVE PAISA DILLI

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    Looks like actors do all that it takes to get into the skin of a character. And Vivek Oberoi is no exception to that. Apparently Vivek will be stripping in his upcoming film KISMAT LUV PAISA DILLI. In a scene where due to a series of crazy unpredictable events through the night, Vivek's character has to strip to save his life. The scene will have a bare-chested Vivek stripping all the way to his boxers. The actor is working hard to look drool-worthy in the film.


    But that's not all. Vivek will shoot the scene during a cold night in Delhi in an open ground with a capacity of almost 5000 people. The scene is an integral part of the film.



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