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    Arrow Vipul Shah smiles after a tense fortnight

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    London Dreams has released and found good appreciation coming its way. After a not-so-thunderous start, the film settled down over the weekend, just as was the case with Ajay Devgn's last release 'All The Best' and very unlike Salman Khan's 'Main Aurr Mrs Khanna' that only fell further down with every passing show.

    While Vipul Shah is happy that his film has been received well by critics who matter, he is happier that audiences have given a big thumbs-up to the film.

    "That's what the bottom line is all about", says an exhausted Vipul who has horror stories to tell about the pains he had to go through en route to the Friday release of the film, "Look at readers comments all over the internet. They have their own tale to tell. Really, after getting feedback from them and seeing soaring collections on every passing day, I don't really have much to say in defence of 'London Dreams'."

    Meanwhile, he is flummoxed with the way his 'London Dreams' progressed ever since it's inception and finally made it to the theatres. While the change in hands w.r.t. to the film's production as well as distribution is an old story, there was quite some drama waiting to take place till a week before the film's release.

    "This is one film where everything just went wrong to begin with, only to fall in place eventually", Vipul can afford to smile now, "We had completed the entire mixing of the film. However, to my horror, it was detected that it had just gone wrong. Now there is very little margin of error when it comes to mixing and chances of it going wrong are one in a million. Still, it happened to London Dreams at the stage when print dispatch was round the corner."

    What followed from there on were countless hours of effort that resulted in sleepless days and nights for the harried filmmaker who also had to give time to the film's promotion, marketing and other last minute activities.

    "What could we have done? We had to just remix and re-master the entire thing", informs Vipul, "For a normal production, mixing takes 20 days but we just had 3 days at our disposal. We worked day in and night out to get the final effect in place. In any case, this has been the most complicated film that I have done; whether in terms of sound, background or visuals."

    He is in mood to rest a little now with the film into the weekdays.

    "I have practically caught just 4 hours of sleep a day for last 15 days", he smiles, "But that's ok. Even a woman has to go through 9 months of pain to give birth to a child. London Dreams is my favourite kid; albeit a little naughty one. He made sure that I was on my toes throughout and am unable to relax at all. Now when everybody says that this kid is sweet, I do feel like a proud papa for sure."


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