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    Post Vindu is a psycho-Bhaktiyar Irani

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    Bhaktiyar Irani in conversation with Telly Buzz...

    Bhaktiyar Irani chose to accept the big cash of 10 lakhs and walk out of the Bigg Boss house in the final week of the show.

    Here is Bhaktiyar talking to Telly Buzz about the reason for taking such a decision, his family and fans' reaction towards the decision taken, and much more..

    What made you accept the deal that was offered to you by Bigg Boss?
    Well, all began when on Friday, Big B put a question to me as to what my reaction will be if I got eliminated just before the Finale. To this, I had told him that I will go out and first slap Tanaz for not having voted enough for me. When Big B asked me whether he will allow my wife to take my place and continue with the game, I had readily agreed. But when I was shown the clipping where I had behaved very badly with my wife, it killed my conscience. After that, I spent few days removing my frustration by dancing and by talking before the camera. But the fact was that I was not able to cope up with the tension. However, when Bigg Boss offered me this opportunity of walking out with the cash, I analyzed my chances of winning and found that I had 80% chances of winning the game. But I knew that I would find myself in the other 20% as I have never been lucky in life. So I thought that rather than clapping hands for these people, who have dared to show their middle finger to women in the house, I walk out of the house as a guy who has played the game well.

    So do you think Vindoo is a complicated personality to deal with?
    He is a psycho. I had told this in the initial weeks of the show. It is like if you keep seeing him for few minutes, you too tend to get aggressive.

    Don't you think you have betrayed your fans who have been voting for you?
    Whom did I betray? The people who love me or the ones who wanted me to win the trophy? I can only tell them that I only need love from them, and I know how to get loved by them. I did not have to pay my fans Rs. 1000/- to make me win. They have voted for me till now just because they love me, and I am confident that they will understand me even now.

    So how was the entire experience?
    It was a life time experience, where your patience and mental status gets tested beyond limit. It was an overall mental check-up if you ask!

    What are the positive as well as negative points that have come out of you after Bigg Boss?
    My only negative point coming out of the show is the way in which I treated my wife. I have already talked about this in the show. The positive for me is that I have managed to control my temper a lot.

    What was Tanaz' immediate reaction when she got to know that you have opted out of the show?
    I just asked her whether she wanted a 'Good Husband' with 10 lakhs prize money or a winner and a bed room. She chose a good husband and I was happy. But having said this, I know that somewhere in her heart she is disappointed. She has been outside the house, and has been following the reaction of outsiders very closely. Obviously she would have wanted to see her husband as a hero and when it was announced that I had opted out, she got angry. She was concerned about my image, and I truly understand. But when I met her, she was calm.

    You have a daughter also, so what do you think will her reaction be towards you?
    Ziyan never showed her feeling after I came out of the house. I have not got enough time to get in touch with her. But she knows that I love all of them very much.

    If Tanaz had reached this stage of the show, would she have played better?
    Yes, definitely because a man has a responsibility towards his family. I can't demand Tanaz to bring home so much of money, but as a husband and father, it was my responsibility to think about my family. According to me, I have taken this wise decision for my family.

    Among the three finalists, whom will you vote for?

    Are you performing for the finale?
    No I don't dance for free (laughs)

    One thing you learnt from Bigg Boss?
    Be humble but don't loose your sense of humor.

    What's your future plan?
    As of now I am just recovering; I want to spend time with my family.

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