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    Default Vinay: SPEEDY SINGHS is straight from the heart

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    Close to two years have gone by since Vinay Virmani first thought of making SPEEDY SINGHS. Now that just a few days remain for the world to see what he had envisioned, one can well expect it to be all too overwhelming as well as surreal for the young first time actor.


    "I hope I don't sound immodest but then the way this project has grown is an amazing first ever experience for me. I want this film to work not just for me, Akshay or anyone else in particular but international cinema in general since it has legs good enough to travel the world. The sport may not be common for all out there but the sentiments are universal," he says rather dreamily. Looking back at the entire experience of making the film, Vinay feels that he is pretty much seeing his own self and character unfold on the big screen.



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