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    Default Vidya Balanís bath tub fiasco!!!

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    Vidya Balanís first bathtub scene for Dirty Pictures, was a big fiasco. After shooting for a bathtub scene, the actress developed a skin rash so severe that she had to be hurried to a dermatologist.

    The skin disaster happened while Vidya was shooting for a bathing scene in Film City, Goregaon. Clad in a towel, the actress stepped into a tub filled with soap water. After some time, her skin started feeling rough. She ignored it initially. But when the rough patches gave way to red rashes, she raised the alarm.

    Itís not clear what caused Vidyaís rashes, because the crew used only mineral water for the bathing scene. It could be that Vidyaís skin caught allergy from the soap that was used.

    However a leading dermatologist from Andheri (West) attributes the allergic reaction to the quality of soap used. ďLike most other actresses, Vidya too must be using a soap with a lesser percentage of alkali.

    The soap used must have had a higher alkali content causing the skin to break out in rash. This happens when a person is exposed to soap water for a very long time,Ē said the doctor.

    The second schedule of Dirty Picture will be shot in Hyderabad.
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