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    Default Vidhu Vinod Chopra apologises for his Shouting bout

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    A day after he lost his cool at a Noida press conference, the producer of the film'3 Idiots', Vidhu Vinod Chopra, apologised for shouting at a journalist.

    The debate began when author Chetan Bhagat, who claimed that the movie made by Chopra is inspired by his novel ''Five Point Someone'' and that he was not given credit for it.

    Chopra lost his cool when a journalist said the film was similar to the book ''Five Point Someone'' and sought his clarification.

    When Chopra asked that journalist whether he had read the book, the journalist gave a negative response and the producer asked him to ''shut up''.

    Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the filmmaker said he felt really bad watching himself shouting at the journalist on television.

    "I have not slept the whole night. I felt very bad because before sleeping I saw TV and saw how I was shouting ''shut up'' again and again and I felt really bad," said Chopra.

    He later apologised to the media.

    "After making such a good movie and after travelling the whole of India. We went to Kolkata, Bangalore and today the crew is going to Indore and after doing such a good work, I did such a shameless behaviour for which I am deeply sorry," added Chopra.

    When asked whether he would meet author Chetan Bhagat in future, Chopra said that he does not wish to meet the author again as he is doing all this to gain cheap publicity.


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