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    Default 'Videsh' is all about power of women: Deepa Mehta

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    Preity Zinta starrer 'Heaven on Earth', which is all set to hit the Indian theatres as 'Videsh' on March 27, is about the power of women and imagination, says director Deepa Mehta.

    "To say that the film is only about domestic abuse will be an injustice. It is about the power of women and the power of imagination," says the acclaimed director.

    The story of the film revolves around "Chand" played by actress Preity Zinta who leaves behind her loving family and homeland to marry "Rocky", played by Vansh Bhardwaj, in Canada.

    Preity Zinta, who has won the best actress award at the Chicago film festival for her power packed performance in this film, believes that she has never worked so hard for a film earlier.

    "After the typical NRI type or modern roles, I wanted to challenge myself and do something real. I never got an opportunity to play earthy roles but with 'Videsh' it is different as I feel that the film has slice of life," Zinta says.

    In the film, the story starts evolving when the honeymoon period gets over for the bride (Chand) and she becomes a victim in the hands of her husband's temper and mother-in-law's controlling behavior.

    Nevertheless, in this tale of tragedy comes a twist of imagination. After a magic root fails to transform her husband to a kind and loving man, Chand takes refuge in an imaginary land on the lines of a familiar Indian folk tale featuring the snake King Cobra.

    Vansh Bhardawaj, a theatre artist who makes his debut in the film playing the abusive husband, has also earned rave reviews from the international media about his imposing and effective portrayal in a disturbing role, says Mehta.

    Meanwhile, the film also echoes the emotion of isolation of the immigrants, who leave their homeland thinking that grass is greener on the other side.

    "But at the same time it (the film) also makes a statement that the dignity which we leave at home cannot be replicated anywhere," Mehta says.

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