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    Default Iíve known Ness since I was 19: Ayesha

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    During the second season of IPL, Delhi girl Ayesha Thapar had admitted that she may not root for the Delhi team necessarily.

    Why, we had asked her and she had said, ďA part of me wants to root for Delhi, but then, Iím really good friends with some of the owners of the Mohali team also.Ē So, her partying stint with Ness Wadia in Mumbai last week came as no surprise. However, Ayesha denies all reports linking her to one of team Mohali owners Ė Ness Wadia. ďItís a weird and funny piece of news. I read it in Mumbai last week and my friends and I had a good laugh over it. I just donít understand why canít two people talk in a public place without being linked? If the two meet up after a long time and show their affection for each other at a public place Ė is that wrong?Ē asks Ayesha.

    Has she known Ness for long? ďYes, Iíve known Ness for a long time. He and I are family friends. I first met him in Mumbai when I was 19... our families know each other very well,Ē she recalls.

    Ask her what happened at the party and she narrates, ďI reached the party an hour before Ness arrived. When he came, we exchanged greetings and sat near the bar for hardly ten minutes where we chatted about each otherís life for sometime, post which he left. I continued to hang around at the party even after he left. I felt if I did something like that, it would be discreet. After this incident, I have realised that I need to be careful.Ē

    And did Ness call back again? ďNo... he is really busy. And why would he call me? Iím sure he has gotten used to these kind of reports after rumours about his broken relationship with Preity Zinta,Ē says Ayesha.

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