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    Default An unknown fact about people close to Salman Khan!

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    All those people close to Salman Khan feel that getting inked is a way of showing your love. Most of Salman’s friends sport a Salman tatoo on their body.

    Informs a source, Almost all the Salman’s staff members and those working closely with the actor sport a tattoo, including bodyguard Shera, photographer Munna S and Man Friday, Nadeem. They have either got themselves inked on their arms or places that are not very visible. The most common design being “Being Human”, which is the star’s much talked about NGO.

    “It’s become like a gesture for Salman. He’s pleased when those close to him get themselves inked to prove their loyalty to him. He was extremely proud when Munna got himself inked last year, and spoke about it to everybody,” says a source.

    “Not all people can ink themselves. Only people close to Bhai (Salman) can get themselves inked. There are some who have inked his name on their body, but they don’t want to talk about it. However, this is not a practice among his family members,” adds the source.

    “Sporting a tattoo of his name is a common secret among Salman’s close aides. His family members too know about it. Most of these people have been working with Salman for more than 10 years now, and earn theirrozi roti from him. And if a new staff member suddenly decides to sport the tattoo, he won’t be taken too kindly by the older staff members,” said the source.
    ...being a human...



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