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    Lightbulb Twinkle calls Akki King at home, gets a Bentley

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    Twinkle calls Akki King at home, gets a Bentley
    Ever since Singh Is King has been a box office bonanza Akshay Kumar has been referred to as King in the industry. But we recently heard that the King Kumar is not just a king in the film circle but is also called King lovingly in his personal life too.

    Recently a few friends of the kumar family were surprised when they heard his wife Twinkle referring to her husband as king. Ever since Singh Is King has become a box office hit, Twinkle is so excited about his success that she decided to call him lovingly as king in real life too. It was her way of proving her love and respect for him.

    The husband wife duo are so proud of each others achievements that their joy knows no bounds. Akshay also gifted wife Twinke a Bentley since he was quite proud of her achievements in her professional life.

    Akshay Kumar is now looking forward to his next blockbuster Chandni Chowk to China now. Then there's percept's Tasveer, Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambhakt Ishq where he will be seen doing death defying stunts with none other than Hollywood hunk Slyvester Stallone and Priyadarshan's De Dhana Dan.

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    Thank you so much for sharing Dear



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