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    Default The TRICK behind Akshay's DOUBLE ROLE in 8x10 Tasveer

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    Filmi double roles have always fascinated us. To make them possible, techniques like shooting in several layers, shooting with the help of chroma are common practice. But if we talk about Akshay Kumar's 8x10 Tasveer, there is certainly something unique.

    Akshay's double role: The best sequence and the most challenging one too! No chroma shots, but frame by frame rotoscoping (technique of cutting out the images) done by Vfx house Prime Focus. All of Akshay's shots were shot twice in two different layers using a dummy character in front of him. Later, the dummy character was rotoed out from each frame and was replaced by Akshay shot in a separate layer.

    "It was a long sequence and was shot on the boat where everything was shaking. As the part of the post production, we had to roto out Akshay in each and every frame; besides, all the shots needed to be stabilized because of the shake. The scene where both the Akshays are fighting was the most challenging one," says Merzin Tavaria, Creative Head, Prime Focus.

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    Amazing, Thanks !!!
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