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    Default Tia Bajpai's shoot scare during LANKA

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    It seems team LANKA had to experience quite scary and unexpected intricacy.

    The cast and the crew of the film reportedly faced a lot of difficulties while shooting for the film, as it was being shot in Bijnor and it's not so easy to shoot there.


    Maqbool Khan, the director of the film, was setting up for an important shot with Tia Bajpai near a local cinema hall, which was to be shot at night. He surely did not expect what unfolded that night.

    Recalled the director, "We set up to shoot I could see the crowd increasing, but I didn't think that it will become so uncontrollable. When the crowd saw Tia sitting in the Jeep that we were shooting in, they all surrounded the jeep the minute I said action. And they started banging the car with their hands."

    "I was of course very scared. I didn't know what to do. But, Maqbool and the cast were quick to think. So they somehow managed to get through the crowd and escort me out. I was really freaked out," said Tia.

    "In fact earlier too, there was another film that was being shot there in the early 80's and a similar situation had happened then too... And at that time the cast/crew were hurt too... Luckily we were safe," added Maqbool.

    ASA production's forthcoming film LANKA is produced by Vikram Bhatt. Besides Tia, the film has Manoj Bajpai and Arjan Bajwa playing important roles, as that of Raavan and Vibhishan respectively.

    LANKA is slated for a worldwide release on 9th December 2011.



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